Build a Powerful Inner Circle

Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum

Exceptional achievement in both our personal and professional lives all comes down to peer-to-peer collaboration. It’s the truth. Look at any truly successful leader and you will see that they have built an inner circle of trusted advisors, mentors and colleagues. And it’s a relatively small circle. Maybe just 3 – 5 individuals that they have known for a number of years.

There is a shared history of being there for each other in the good times and in the bad times. And these people aren’t just detached observers – they care – and they are friends. Bottom line . . . they won’t let you fail and you won’t let them fail either.

But what does this have to do with your career success?  Everything. If you are ready to take your career (and life) to a new and more fulfilling level, then this core circle is critical to putting that fire under you and holding you accountable at the same time. Here’s how to start . . .

  • Pick 3 people who truly believe in you as a person, your potential & your future.
  • Now be willing to modify that list – add or delete – so you have a core group.
  • Ask them if you can connect with them regularly by phone, in-person or by Internet.
  • Tell them your intentions for 2011 and what success will look like for you.
  • Follow-through! Stay in touch. Listen to their feedback.

Appreciate them & thank them for sharing their time with you.

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