How to Identify Your Natural Talents

Now you may be asking yourself . . . what actually is a “natural talent” and how do I know what my natural talents really are? As we get older and more skilled, experienced and savvy in the World of Work, it can be a bit challenging to remember who we are when we’re really at our best.

So try this . . . step back and simply watch yourself, especially when you really are enjoying what you are doing in that moment. What do you see? You’re seeing your natural talents in action! A natural talent is the way we think, act or behave that comes easily to us with genuine enjoyment. It’s like “second nature”.

Look for these five things:

  • What do I gravitate toward?
  • What appeals to me spontaneously?
  • What comes easily to me?
  • What attracts others to me?
  • What do they say I’m good at?
  • What do I genuinely enjoy doing?
  • Who do I enjoy being?

Identify 3-4 talents for yourself. Now take it a step further . . . is there a theme running through your talents? Our natural talents often have a central theme to them – much like a golden thread running through them.  Once you know this theme it’s easier to choose work settings and responsibilities that allow you to be at your best. This is a tremendous benefit to you and to your employer – you are genuinely, positively engaged in your work, you feel more fulfilled and you’re bringing the best you have to offer to your employer. It’s great for your company’s bottom line and for yours as well!

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