Is Your Business in a “Mid-Life” Phase?

Wow, it’s hard to believe that my coaching & training business is over ten years old. It’s been very successful and everything I’ve wanted –from the scope, variety and depth of services, to an extensive involvement in my professional community & networks. And the icing on the cake is having the same wonderful office down here by the Truckee River in an old red brick home converted to offices.

And it’s been a conscious choice to build and develop my business to be just the right size and shape for what I want at this time in my life. I can do – and have done – anything I want. I’ve had the opportunity to “throw spaghetti” on the wall whenever I get “yet another” creative idea. I throw it out – give it a whirl – and see what happens. While maintaining the integrity of my business, I’ve learned that in this economy we all need to be willing to take the risks, push the comfort zones and continually create the business that we really want for ourselves.

But now that my business is in its mid-life . . . what do I want now for my business? Certainly, to continue to be part of people’s lives as they move through significant career and life transitions. That’s been the theme of my life’s work and I love it. But I would also like to change it up a bit and hopefully, that will be more overseas work.

Let’s see what ideas and “spaghetti” I bring back from the sun and waters of Greece!

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