Keep It Simple, Strategic & Smart

It’s so easy to become totally overwhelmed with the latest in all the social media buzz. My suggestion is to keep it simple, strategic and smart and, most importantly, working for your specific career needs. I suggest starting with the free version of LinkedIn. This is where the professionals and the organizations that hire professionals gather. Begin with these three strategies.

  1. Build a solid, engaging profile which includes a photo of you smiling and looking interested in meeting people.
  2. Identify who you want to be in contact with and start to “invite” them to connect with you. Be generous in inviting others so you can build a robust network of people you want to stay in touch with or who know people you would like to know.
  3. Strategically select 1 -2 groups that interest you and become a regular contributor to the online discussion between the members.

Give yourself time every couple of days to familiarize yourself with the resources within LinkedIn. It’s amazing how your growing network puts you into contact with a wealth of job opportunities.

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