LinkedIn Tip: Start With A Powerful Headline

The headline at the top of each LinkedIn profile is my favorite part. Along with your picture, the headline tells me a lot. In a glance, I can see what your areas of expertise are and therefore how we might connect or even work together.

Take your time in developing a powerful, effective headline. Don’t just use your current job title which is the default from LinkedIn. It’s so boring! Instead, identify your skill sets (what you want to be known for) and then list them with a straight vertical line between them. Look at my own LinkedIn profile for an example

You can also use a “benefit statement” approach which allows you to put the benefit you bring to others into one sentence. This works particularly well if you are promoting one highly specialized skill like website design, real estate sales etc.

Either way, make sure that your headline is concise, engaging and value-driven. This first impression can make all the difference in opportunities arriving at your door!

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