The Holidays! Connecting With Your Target Audience

Over the years, I’ve noticed that there is a delicious week or two just before Christmas Day when things are usually quite quiet in people’s offices. Trainings aren’t being scheduled; staff meetings are postponed; projects are slowing down and people are often a bit more relaxed – especially if they are at the office between Christmas and New Year’s. This can be an ideal time to connect with others!

Here’s my suggestion . . . identify 5-7 people who know you well or should know you. Who needs to know more about you in this coming year so they can help you move toward your 2013 career goals? Be very selective in who you choose because you have limited time and budget.

If they are local, pick up the phone and call them. Renew the relationship by asking how their year went, share what you are doing professionally and be open to how you could help each other in 2013. If they are across the country, still pick up the phone and see if they are in the office. Get on a roll . . . and leave a message if they are not there. Just say “Happy Holidays” and “thinking of you.”

You will be amazed how effective this personal contact is! And yes, you can use your social media outlets to send out messages as well but nothing is as powerful as a personal call. If you want to practice, call me!

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