Can’t Quit Now – Cross Country Skiing

It was a gorgeous Sunday – the blue skies and the deep snow (over 65′) of the Sierra Nevada Mountains were awesome.  A small band of us (husband Wally & friend Cary) were out to do one last long trek to Point Mariah at the Royal Gorge ski area on the Donner Summit.  It sounded pretty easy – and we had been working up to it – but it turned out to be a long, long way out to the farthest point which overlooks a magnificent gorge – feels like you’re standing on top of the Grand Canyon.

Mindset Makes the Difference

But we’re cheerful, healthy and young so we just kept going and going and going.  After all, you can’t quit.  You’re way out in the middle of nowhere – no place to go but back to where you started.  It reminded me of my old days of running half marathons – finishing is all about your mindset.  There is definitely a trick to relaxing your mind, focusing on the moment and just pressing on.  We really have amazing strength and persistence when we put our mind to it.  And having others with you that also don’t quit is essential.  So we just kept going . . .

”Wally Walks” Go On & On

By the end of the day, we had skied over 12 miles up and down hills and through beautiful forests.   It took us almost six hours since we were on classic skies (slower that skate skies).  As we came up that last long hill, the ski patrol were already taking down the signs and closing up the lodge.  We felt good – we were tired, hot and hungry but we made it.  And we were even able to send the ski patrol back out to check on two young college boys who were still out at the point on their rental skies. 

Over a glass of wine and a wonderful dinner in Truckee we toasted another fun story and memory.  We call these “Wally Walks” which means you never quite know where you’re going, how far it is or when you’ll be back.  Wally is always optimistic (and does carry a map) but never quits.  (He’s an ‘ole retired marine pilot.) This was a challenge but I learned again that I actually can do a lot more than sometimes I give myself credit for – and I bet that goes for many of you too.  So challenge yourself and enjoy your successes!

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