Time Stands Still in Gold Country

Ahhh . . . my first cup of coffee in the morning.  I’m sitting in the breakfast room of Grey Gables Inn, a delightful B&B in the heart of California gold country.   It’s pouring rain outside but wonderfully cozy inside.  And it’s a Monday morning to boot!  Roger and Sue Garlick, Innkeepers, have created an oasis here in Sutter Creek.  The gardens are magnificent and the one street ‘ole time town is just a short walk away.

Time Stands Still

We’ have only been here one night (with husband Wally for 24th anniversary) but time has definitely slowed down.  Since it was Easter Sunday nothing was open when we drove down and here at the Inn there’s no TV, no laptops, no household chores and no office “to-do” lists.  It feels wonderful!  My favorite time was just enjoying a glass of wine and stories with Innkeeper Roger and a few of the other guests last night before heading out to dinner.

And Energy Picks Up

But now I feel an up-tick of energy and I can almost hear Lee Marvin and the other gold miners singing about that  “gold, gold, gold in ’em hills”.   And I remember that great scene with them huddled under the tarps in the pouring rain singing for their love “Mariah”.   So with my second cup of coffee in hand, and despite the steady rain, I feel rested and renewed.  We’re off to enjoy exploring a new route back to Reno – up and over the mountains – snow & rain & gold & wine.  And as soon as I get home, I’m going to watch Paint Your Wagon –  I’m sure I still have the VHS somewhere.  Tomorrow it’s back to the office with new energy!

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