Nov 2009: Real Leaders Don’t Do PowerPoint

Real Leaders Don’t Do PowerPoint: How to Sell Yourself and Your Ideas, by Christopher Witt, 2009.

I was intrigued with the title of this book when it caught my eye at Barnes & Noble. I am one of those presenters that find myself using powerpoint less and less, especially with audiences who are looking for inspiration, energy and a genuine conversation.

Witt is a speech consultant and an executive coach with 30 years of professional speaking experience. He maintains (and I agree) that we as leaders need to speak more from our hearts not from a script. Witt believes that this is even more true for leaders during turbulent economic times.

All of us are leaders in our work, personal and community lives. In this mini, hardback book with a bright yellow cover, Witt provides each of us with a wealth of concrete tips and strategies about how to design and deliver dynamic presentations including knowing your audience well, answering the WIIFM question, using humor wisely and how to be a master storyteller.

An excellent book all around!

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